Pumpkin Crunch

I recently tried a recipe from the famous Canyon Ranch for their Pumpkin Crunch. It can sometimes be difficult to find shelled pumpkin seeds, but I picked up mine at Trader Joe’s and they probably stock them at Whole Foods, too. You start by tossing the pepitas with a little oil and roasting them once, then tossing them with spices and roasting them again to bring out a smoky, nutty flavor while the maple syrup caramelizes on the seeds. You finish by tossing in the cranberries (though any favorite dried fruit would substitute well here) and letting the mixture cool. Yum!

Here’ a link to the Pumpkin Crunch recipe on the Canyon Ranch website. Enjoy!

Monahan’s Seafood Market Fries

My husband and I had a Monday off and I thought it would be great if we went to Kosmopolitan’s in Kerrytown for lunch since they have fantastic French fries, but they only serve them Monday thru Friday, or so I thought. When we got there we found out that they no longer carry their fabulous fries, but have instead replaced them with tempura vegetable fries. We were disappointed, but ordered lunch there anyway and the girl behind the counter suggested we order our fries next door at Monahan’s Seafood Market, how thoughtful!

The fries at Monahan’s are a bit pricey, $3.50 when you don’t order a lunch entree ($1.75 with an entree), and are really only enough for one person. But, while I waited for the fries I was treated like royalty. I sat at one of the tables to wait and was served a paper napkin and plastic fork by a gentleman while I waited (it made me smile). A moment later I was served ice water in a plastic cup as well, even without requesting it! In addition, the fries were great too! Nicely salted, but not overly so. Thick cuts of potato with a nice fresh potato flavor. They tasted like they’d been blanched in the oil then refried to give them that perfect outer shell. Definitely worth the splurge once it a while!