Vanille Patisserie, Chicago, IL

I have a sweet tooth so I eat a lot of desserts and sugary pastries. I have to admit that I will be hard pressed to find a chocolate croissant that lives up to the one I found at Vanille Patisserie in Chicago, IL last week.
My husband and I walked through pouring rain to get to this little bakery so I was hoping the hype I’d read and heard about the place was worth it when we arrived. It’s a quaint little shop where we were greeted by a friendly woman behind the counter. They have two little tables for those eating in and a small couch and table with a book showcasing their pastry work. The display is filled with pastry art pieces. I’m sure they are delicious, but I’d be heartbroken to destroy such beauty by taking a bite (okay, maybe not that heartbroken).

I decided on a chocolate croissant and a latte. I splurged my day’s extra calories on whole milk because that’s the only choice they have (fitting for a pastry shop). I usually add caramel or syrup to my latte to balance out the coffee flavors, but instead I added lumps of sugar (yes, lumps!) and it was one of the best I’ve had. They use Illy espresso, so the quality is implicit. The chocolate croissant was everything reviewers had promised. Rich, buttery, flaky with just the right amount of chocolate in the center. What a lovely way to start the day.