Black Creek Bistro, Columbus, OH

Lunch at Black Creek Bistro when we first arrive in Columbus to visit family is now a tradition. This is a great little restaurant in the Olde Towne section near downtown. They are part of the newer trend of creating a menu with a focus on local and sustainable food. I’m always amazed that they stay open between lunch and dinner, but it works out great for us as we usually don’t get into town until 2pm.
When we stopped in last week we were surprised to find that our usual waiter/manager was not the one to seat us or take our orders. The woman we had in his place was a bit on the ditsy side, but nice enough. My husband waited about 10 minutes for a drink refill and then it was initially set on another customer’s table. She also overcharged us for my salad, but handed us the difference in cash to correct the mistake.
Aside from the unusual quality of service the food was excellent as always. I had the bistro salad with house roasted chicken added and a side of their french fries. I learned on our last visit that I had to order a side of fries for myself because I kept steeling too many from my husband’s plate!
The salad was a nice blend of flavors with mixed greens, Gorgonzola, balsamic glazed walnuts and dried cherries with a light balsamic dressing. The roast chicken on top was tender and simply seasoned with salt and pepper. The french fries are some of the best I’ve ever tasted which is why I ordered my own plate (and as a side to a salad, no less)! The hand cut fries had a great crispy exterior and good potato flavor. When you order a sandwich for lunch at Black Creek Bistro you get a choice of soup, salad or fries. Here’s a tip for future visitors: always order the fries. The other options are delicious, too, but the fries somehow offer a little something extra.
Black Creek has their own pastry chef, which is a bit unusual for a restaurant this small. I remembered from our last visit how good their dessert creations can be so we couldn’t pass it up this time. We ordered the blackberry cobbler made with local blackberries and a phenomenal pastry topping. Even the small scoop of vanilla ice cream on top is made in house. I used the tip of my spoon to get every last possible bit from the dish. I even considered lowering myself to using my fingers, but decided against it in such a nice place, though if I had brought it home I wouldn’t have held back!
Great food, great service (normally) and affordable prices for local cuisine. This is what has kept us coming back each time we’re in town for a visit. I wish I could package this place up and take it home to Ypsilanti with me, but I suppose that would defeat the purpose. I’m happy enough to have lunch here every few months.