Kruse and Muer on Wilshire, Troy, MI

Fire Roasted Tomato Bisque at Kruse and Muer

From the moment we stepped into the Kruse and Muer on Wilshire restaurant in Troy the staff made us feel at home. They had a couple of parties celebrating special events when we came in for lunch. The thoughtful manager at the host stand offered us an option between a booth, which would be next to one of the parties, or a table a little bit further away that would at least be a little quieter. My husband and I appreciated the choice and opted for the less noisy table over the comfort of a booth.

On this afternoon, they must have been a touch short handed on waitstaff as another manager greeted us at the table to let us know he’d be taking care of us that day. He asked us to bear with him as it had been a while since he’d been a server. You never would have known the difference as he was friendly and on top of everything throughout our whole meal. It says a lot about a place when you see the management helping out to the extent that they did when we visited. You could really tell that the staff in general really enjoyed their jobs at Kruse and Muer and they shined.

I was surprised to find out how good the prices were here. I had expected a Chuck Muer restaurant in Troy to be on the expensive side, but most lunch items were very reasonable, with a number of them under $10. I also loved the selection of pastas, sandwiches and lunch entrees. It was a tough decision, but I chose the combination option of the half Baltimore Crabmelt and a bowl of Fire Roasted Tomato Bisque (I think it was only $8.95). Our meals also came with a loaf of freshly baked bread covered in poppy seeds.

Baltimore Crabmelt at Kruse and Muer\

I initially felt guilty about my choice to go with the crabmelt having assumed that the combination of crab and shrimp would be deep fried like a crab cake. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was mistaken, the seafood cake was baked, not fried, and was very light and delicious. It was tasty with a tomato slice and melted cheddar on top and a piece of the poppy seed bread for its base. A nice mix of refreshing fruit covered in honey yogurt sauce was a nice light side. The tomato bisque was a full bowl which had rich tomato and herb flavors and a smooth texture. The little puff pastry crouton was a fun little touch.

I was happy my meal was filling, but lighter than expected so I could still make enough room for dessert. After such a good meal and great service, I couldn’t leave without seeing what sweet endings they had to offer!

Chocolate Mousse at Kruse and Muer

We had originally asked what the “flavor of the day” creme brulee was, since that’s one of my favorite desserts. We were very grateful for the honesty of our server that day. He said the the flavors are usually fantastic, but that day it was Oreo, which sounds great, but he said that when they do the brulee-ing it burns the Oreos and makes for a somewhat unpleasant charcoal taste. So, we opted for our second choice, the chocolate mousse.

Being an oddball and not crazy about plain chocolate, I usually need a second flavor paired with it like raspberry or caramel, but chocolate mousse is an exception. Kruse and Muer’s version had more of a pudding texture, thicker and not as airy as some mousse I’ve had, but delicious none-the-less.

The only thing that makes me sad about Kruse and Muer is that they have six variations of restaurants in southeast Michigan, but they’re all at least an hour away from where I live. I may have to head out to Somerset Collection more than once every 5 years just for the excuse to come to this restaurant!