The “New and Improved”
Everyday Foodie Blog

The Everyday Foodie blog has finally made the switch from Blogger to a WordPress powered site with it’s very own custom website address (

Hopefully, you’ll find the new site a bit cleaner and more organized. I’ve added a ‘print friendly version’ link to recipes posts under the recipe title. I’ve also attempted to make Everyday Foodie more social with social icons at the top of the homepage to make it easier to connect and stay up-to-date with the latest posts. In case you missed it, we’re also now on Facebook in addition to Twitter.

If you subscribe to updates via RSS feed you shouldn’t have to change any settings, I’ve re-routed things so they should work without you having to make any changes. However, sometimes their are hiccups in the internet world so if you notice that you’re missing out on new posts for some reason just click the RSS icon on the new website and re-subscribe.

Take a minute to look around. I hope you enjoy the new digs! Thanks for stopping by!