Squares Restaurant, Ann Arbor, MI

I met some friends for lunch at the newly opened Squares Restaurant in downtown Ann Arbor last week. The restaurant specializes in “Signature Squares” which are housemade white or wheat flatbread with vegetables and/or meat toppings. They also serve salads, a number of housemade side dishes and even breakfast.

They have an order-at-the-counter setup, but it’s slightly unusual. I ordered from a friendly staff member at one end of the counter and when I pulled out my wallet to pay was told that customers pay at the end of the counter. They had us find a table first and wait for our names to be called when our order was ready before they rang us up. While everyone was helpful, I like to order and pay at the same time at a non-table service restaurant. Maybe they’re still figuring that one out.

I had the veggie square with a side of their butternut squash. Although the website features images that showcase most of their squares as open faced sandwiches, mine arrived as a wrap with a side of fresh grapes and an orange slice. The whole wheat flatbread, sun-dried tomato sauce and grilled vegetables, including zucchini, onion, peppers, and mozzarella were really delicious! I did have to peal the foil down from around the sandwich and it was a bit messy to eat. It might work a little better if the flatbreads were served open face as shown in the website photos as I found myself using a knife and fork by the end of my meal. The butternut squash was roasted with cranberries, brown sugar and orange juice added. The flavors were good, but the texture of the squash was on the fibrous side, I prefer my pureed squash smoother. I did snatch some of the broasted potatoes from a friend at the table. They had excellent seasoning and potato taste and were nicely crisped slices. I’ll make those my side dish next time!

Overall, our visit to Squares Restaurant was a very good experience. The staff was very friendly and both the chef and manager checked with our table to see how we were enjoying ourselves during our lunch. Prices are reasonable; my flatbread, side and drink came to a little over $8 with tax.