Flat Top Grill Breakfast, Ann Arbor

I’m going to keep my review of breakfast at Flat Top Grill pretty short: unless you enjoy eating lots of bland flavorless food at breakfast then avoid Flat Top Grill and go for lunch or dinner instead.

I reviewed dinner at this restaurant a couple of weeks ago and raved about the food and service. I was initially thrilled to see that they had a create your own breakfast on the weekends and couldn’t wait to try it. I’m sad to say how disappointed I was with the food this time around.

Service was still very welcoming and friendly. They also do not have a one-dish option at breakfast (they do at lunch and dinner), only an all-you-can-eat. For those of us who eat a normal breakfast this probably isn’t the best value anyway at $9.99 a person ($8.99 for students) which doesn’t even include a glass of juice, milk or coffee.You have an option to make your own omelette, pancake, scramble or french toast with a variety of items from the “bar”. They also have self-serve oatmeal.

I was disappointed with the fruit selection for the french toast and pancake options. The pineapple was canned and the strawberries out of season and tasteless. “Bland” pretty much summed up the french toast as well as the pancakes and the oatmeal, even with the toppings . Nothing stood out food-wise here. The potatoes were beyond mushy and the sausage was flavorless.

Unfortunately, since it looks like Flat Top Grill doesn’t know how to make a good breakfast we won’t be back in the future for any morning meals. However, they are much better with savory foods so we’ll definitely be back soon for lunch or dinner!