Bagger Dave’s Breakfast, Novi, MI

I’ve been a fan of Bagger Dave’s and their burgers since they first opened a location in Ann Arbor a couple of years ago. When I found out that one of the newer Bagger Dave’s, located in Novi, was a testing ground for serving breakfast I felt the need to drive out there to determine if it measured up to the rest of the food I’ve come to enjoy.

If you’re familiar with their build-your-own burger concept then you’ll feel right at home with ordering breakfast here. They have a similar idea of build-your-own breakfast sandwich or bowl scramble, along with some al a carte items such as oatmeal, flavored pancakes, muffins and toast. For the build-your-own you mark on a printed sheet what goodies you want to add to your breakfast creation: meat, type of bread (or scramble bowl), cheese, sauce, premium toppings (if you so choose) and there are a variety of free toppings as well. All create-your-own sandwiches come with a fried egg on top, or an egg white if you prefer.

I ordered my own breakfast sandwich creation on a wheat bagel with an egg white, turkey sausage, cheddar and sauteed mushrooms. I skipped the sauce option, partly for calories and partly because I wasn’t quite sure which might work best for a breakfast sandwich. I really appreciate that they give you the option of an egg white instead of a fried egg without an extra charge. It’s healthier and I’m not really a fan of gooey egg yolk on my morning sandwiches. The bagel was fresh and soft, the sausage was flavorful and filling. I enjoyed my sandwich, though I’ll admit that I prefer their burgers a bit more. Maybe because I feel like I can get away with adding more creative items to a burger and not regret it later. I’ll admit that I was a bit timid when creating my first breakfast at Bagger Dave’s.

My husband and I shared a bag of Dave’s Diced Potatoes which come with a dipping sauce that includes a mix of sour cream, bacon, onions and spices. Our waitress was nice enough to point out ahead of time that we could easily share one portion of potatoes rather than ordering two separately. These are little nuggets of potato goodness best eaten with fork and dipped lightly in the sauce. A word of warning, the accompanying sauce is HEAVY on the onion. That aside, the combination was a nice change from your typical hash browns.

They had a fairly light breakfast crowd the Saturday we stopped in. It may not be well advertised, we just happened to notice a sign outside the building when we passed by a few weeks ago. Finding the breakfast menu on the website is a little challenging, it’s lumped in with the regular menu a few pages in.

Only one waitress was seating people and taking orders, but she did a remarkable job. Timing on everything from drink orders, to ordering to the arrival of food was very smooth. We went away full and happy. I’ll be emailing Bagger Dave’s to ask if they would consider adding breakfast to the Ann Arbor location soon. I think it would do well there, though the breakfast menu is geared more toward meat eaters than vegetarians.