Vinology, Ann Arbor, MI

I had lunch at Vinology in Ann Arbor for the first time last week, though I’ve been there a couple of of times before for dinner. I looked at their lunch menu online the day before and it appears that they’ve scaled down the available choices since I looked a few months ago. There are a few salad options, but everything else is in “burger” form. Their are no light entree plates for the lunch crowd which was a little disappointing even with the creative burger choices they did have. We still decided to give it a try.

I had the Peking Duck burger: a seasoned ground duck breast “patty” glazed with a hoisin sauce and topped with an Asian style slaw on a wheat bun. For those of you who’ve been following my hamburger bun saga, the wheat bun at Vinology met my expectations of a quality hamburger bun. It was soft and light in texture with a touch of sesame seeds and a subtle nutty flavor. The ground duck was an interesting change from your ground beef or turkey; the glaze and slaw gave the sandwich a strong Asian feel. I opted for the sweet potato fries for my “significant side”. I’m not sure what the term “significant” was was referring to as neither the portion size or the taste of the fries were significant in my opinion. The sweet potato fries were decent, but far from the best I’ve had.

My husband had the Bouillabaisse burger: a sausage patty with a mix of lobster and shrimp, saffron aioli and tomato on a brioche bun. It had a strong seafood flavor and the orange color of the saffron aioli was a nice visual accent when the burger first arrived. He ordered the crispy julienned potato fries for his side. His fries were also fine, but not spectacular.

While lunch at Vinology was tasty I can’t help but think that they need to keep a few light entrees, or at least appetizers, available for the earlier-in-the-day crowd. Burgers are very popular these days so maybe Vinology is trying to compete, but I would still have loved a few more choices on the lunch menu.