Vinsetta Grill, Royal Oak, MI

While we were out on the east side of town looking for a lunch spot we stumbled on this pretty tasty little place along Woodward in Royal Oak called, Vinsetta Grill.

This restaurant seems to have a bit of an identity crisis. The decor is a mix of dark modern colors, contemporary architecture and limited lighting (in part why there are no photos for this entry), but there are odd collections of items on the walls such as a series of farmer-style hats that seem out of place. The menu is more traditional in style and choices than you would think from restaurant’s design. They also have a digital board near the kitchen that shows the current order numbers to let servers know when the food is up. It seems a little bit tacky for this type of restaurant since it’s not at Denny’s atmosphere.

Aside from the decor our waiter was very helpful and attentive and the food was pretty good. We both chose to build our own burgers from a list of extensive toppings. I went with grilled chicken on a wheat bun topped with herb goat cheese spread, scallions, sun-dried tomatoes with a side of roasted garlic aioli. My husband chose a traditional beef burger with pineapple, Swiss cheese and barbecue sauce on a hamburger bun. The waiter was nice enough to suggest that we mix and match half orders of their sweet potato fries and regular fries and save a little money (the burgers are a la carte here).

My “burger” was very flavorful. I’m always afraid that when I order a grilled chicken sandwich at a restaurant that the breast is going to be two inches thick and impossible to eat, but the one at Vinsetta’s was a much more reasonable half-inch thick with nice grill marks, though a just a tad overdone. The herbs in the goat cheese spread were nice and pronounced, but not too strong. The sun-dried tomatoes were still whole and a little tough to chew, they might consider cutting them into a julienne or cooking them a bit more to soften them up. The scallions and garlic aioli were delicious with the other toppings I chose. The sweet potato fries, which are one of my new weaknesses, were also yummy. Crispy outside and very soft potatoey (is that a word?) inside.

We’re not on this side of the Detroit area very often, but if we were and I was looking for another interesting burger I’d try Vinsetta’s again. They have over 30 different topping choices so the combination possibilities are enough to bring me back for something less traditional.