@burger, Ann Arbor, MI

We gave @burger, Big Boy’s pilot attempt at a hip burger joint in downtown Ann Arbor, a shot this past weekend. I’m afraid I wasn’t very impressed. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t memorable either.

The interior is loud and boomy, even with only a few people. There were only a few booths and mostly high-top bar style tables, the rest of the seating was a few scattered lower tables and the placement is really tight. Ordering is a bit awkward because the digital screens with the menu are at an angle to your right and away from the person you’re giving your order to. It might make more sense to have the menu directly behind the counter.

I had a ‘small appetite’ beef burger off their create-your-own burger menu, which they call a ‘Made for Me’. The toppings I added were what I normally have at similar burger places such as, Great Plains Burger Company and Bagger Dave’s: BBQ sauce, tomato, cheddar and sauteed mushrooms. They only have one hamburger bun which they refer to as a ‘brioche bun’. All burgers come standard with house made potato chips. I tried to “upgrade” my potato chips to their ‘bruschetta chips’ with tomatoes, basil, garlic, olive oil and parmasen cheese, but it would have been an extra $4, too rich for my blood, so I just went with the plain chips.

@burger’s self-proclaimed “soon to be famous” brioche bun was oddly dense and I just couldn’t get used to it. After reviewing a number of burgers on my blog I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I’m a pretty strict traditionalist when it comes to a hamburger bun. The bread can be wheat or white, but the texture has to be simple and soft, nothing else will do. The burger itself was okay, but nothing special. Their signature barbecue sauce had a nice smokey flavor. The mushrooms were cut a little too thick, but were nice and garlicky. Their freshly made potato chips were a disappointment. They were incredibly oily in taste and overdone. I’m glad I didn’t pay extra for the upgrade.

Given the loud awkward atmosphere and lackluster food, I can’t say that I see myself coming back.