Tasi Cafe, Columbus, OH

The Banana Foster’s French Toast at Tasi Cafe in downtown Coumbus is so darn good that it deserves a second review. Well that, and the fact is I couldn’t bring myself to order a different dish when were were in town last week.

This delightful little gem of a cafe is hidden in an alley in downtown Columbus. If you don’t know it’s there you’ll miss it. They serve breakfast and lunch. The breakfast is fabulous and I have yet to try lunch there, but I’m sure it’s just as good. The only trick is to get here early for breakfast because by 8:30 on a weekday the tables are full and the line is out the door. Parking can be tough so you may want to park on High Street and walk over.

I was somehow doubting my choice after ordering the French toast before it arrived, wondering if I should have gone for the caramel roll; which I’ve had the past and it was especially tasty. But, after one bite of this excellent breakfast dish I no longer had any regrets. The caramel flavor of the roll was in the French toast. I’m not sure I noticed that flavor the first time I had this, but I think that’s what makes it so good. The bananas are caramelized and their flavor and caramel syrup fill every bite.

I’m usually a wimp when it comes to enjoying a latte straight up with no sugar added. My particular vice is a caramel latte (seeing a theme here?). Tasi Cafe does not add syrup to their lattes, though they may have mochas. I decided to give a plain latte a shot anyway and add some Sugar in the Raw so I could get my morning caffeine fix. They use Illy espresso and serve the latte in a soup bowl. When it arrived at my table the bowl was piping hot and came with a small spoon. I felt a bit silly sipping my latte off a spoon, but the taste was delicious. I missed the caramel a bit, but it allowed me to really appreciate the quality of the espresso they use. I think the soup bowl, without handles, was their attempt at being modern. I would have preferred they use a cup with a handle so I could drink my coffee the traditional way rather than relying on a utensil as the vehicle, which was a bit awkward. Next time I’ll ask for it in a cup to go.

Well, despite my coffee experience on this trip, we’ll definitely keep coming back. The food is fantastic and the service is really quick. I’ll make a point of stopping for lunch next time sometime after breakfast. I can’t wait to see how their sandwiches and lunch entrees stack up to the first meal of the day here.