Pizza at Ironwood Grill, Plymouth MI

This was our second visit to the Ironwood Grill in Plymouth, Michigan. We enjoyed the food on the first visit and decided to try out their pizza on this visit. We had stopped by the day before this visit, but the wait was an hour so we decided to try our luck elsewhere. We came back the next day and the wait this time was only about 5-10 minutes on a Saturday night, not bad.

The waitress brought our Cokes to the table, but after tasting them we found them to be a bit low on syrup. The server brought back a “test” glass from a different spigot, but it still wasn’t right so she offered that we try something else. I was a bit disappointed at first that they wouldn’t just switch the mix to adjust the amount of syrup coming out, but I gave in and ordered a bottled root beer for the sake of being easy. The root beer was Goose Island brand and was really good. It was almost on par with some of the best homemade root beer I’ve had.

We ordered their BBQ Chicken Pizza and an order of garlic cheese bread. Both were fantastic. The bread came out first with a nice mix of cheeses: cheddar jack, mozzarella, parmesan and muenster. The marinara sauce on the side had good tomato flavor and a nice sweetness which was great with the salt and garlic flavors in the bread. The pizza was served directly on the wooden peel which was a fun touch. The pizza we ordered had the same tasty mix of cheeses that were on the garlic bread, but also had applewood smoked bacon, chicken and a house-made barbecue sauce. It was so good I couldn’t wait to have leftovers for lunch the next day. It was a little on the high-side as far as price ($18.95 for a large pizza), but we had enough leftover between the two of us for two more meals. They refer to their crusts as Neapolitan (which is similar to a thin crust) and Deep Dish. One word of warning, their deep dish the not a traditional deep dish that you may think of, it’s closer to a standard hand-tossed crust available at most pizzerias.

The service was adequate just like the first time we came, but that isn’t what is bringing us back here. The food is really comforting and surprisingly good. If the servers could put in a little more effort to show a smile or that they might actually enjoy working at Ironwood, then this would be more than just a good place to go, it would be a great place to go for dinner.