Dirty Frank’s Hot Dog Palace, Columbus, OH

I generally try to eat a bit on the healthier side. My husband is more of a burger, hot dog and pizza guy. When we go out to eat when we’re in Columbus to visit his family I try and mix it up a bit so we’re both happy. One of the more low brow and less healthy places we went on this visit was a place called Dirty Frank’s Hot Dog Palace in downtown.

My brother-in-law had recommended this bar/restaurant to us before and we decided to give it a try. It’s not quite your typical hot dog joint; they have more than just ketchup, mustard and relish for toppings. The selection ranges from beef brisket to Srirarcha cream cheese and everything in between.

They were packed when we got there around 2:30 on a Friday. We were going to wait for a table, but when two seats at the bar opened we decided to grab them instead.

Although many of their pre-created hot dog combinations sounded pretty good I went for one of their Vienna dogs with BBQ sauce, cheddar and their house made creamy coleslaw. I must have repeated at least four times that the coleslaw was “really good”. It was probably in my top five coleslaws of all time. The dressing was very creamy and lightly sweet with a sour cream flavor. It went perfectly with the BBQ sauce and cheddar. The hot dog itself was rich and meaty with a nice bite to it and a light snap.

I tried fried leeks on the side instead of fries or onion rigns for a change and because I love leeks. It was a mixed bag. The leek pieces that were more broken apart and less of a solid ring had great crunch and a light oniony taste, but the leeks that were still mostly whole had a less desirable texture. If they break up all the leeks before frying them I think they really have something here. They’re a nice change from your typical onion rings.

The place itself is a small restaurant space with limited seating and a bar. It’s very much a college-crowd atmosphere with quirky artsy decor. They only play local music through their speakers, which is kind of cool.

The bartender who took our order was kind enough not to charge us for my husband’s fries because they didn’t come out with our meals and we had to wait another 5 minutes for them. Even so, the prices are pretty cheap so you can get a full meal here for two under $20. They even serve Jeni’s Ice Cream, although Honey Vanilla Bean is the only flavor they carry. I think I can suffer through another high calorie meal here, for the sake of my husband, of course!