Cake Nouveau, Ann Arbor, MI

I’m surprised at myself for not having written a review of Cake Nouveau sooner. I’ve been a follower and champion of their cupcakes for a couple of years and they are my hands-down favorite place to get a cupcake in the area. This bakery specializes in fondant wedding cakes, too. They carry four cupcake flavors each week, including their two classic flavors: Vanilla Beany and Chocolate Truffle. The other two cupcakes are always an interesting rotating set of flavors and they also have slices of delicious cake for sale. You may have seen owner, Courtney Clark, compete on TV in a number of Food Network Challenges.

Last week I had a Pomegranate cupcake that was one of the best flavors I’ve had at Cake Nouveau. The pomegranate flavor was intense with its unique notes of berry and citrus with a nice pomegranate “cream” in the center. I also love their Caramelized Banana and Vanilla Beany flavors. Their frosting is always light and airy with a perfect amount of sweetness. So many bakeries use a sickly sweet heavy frosting that just doesn’t jive with me. I also love the denseness of the actual cupcake while still maintaining a moist interior. The balance of light frosting with the texture of the cake is a great textural experience every time.

Cake Nouveau was previously located in Kerrytown near the farmer’s market. I used to make a tradition with a friend of stopping by the farmer’s market, but making a side trip to for a cupcake each time we went. Now that they’ve settled into their new location on Packard next to Morgan and York I really appreciate the ease of parking, not to mention it’s a couple miles closer to where I live! The new space has also given them the room to offer classes and take on more orders. If you haven’t checked out their new store make sure you do soon!