Ironwood Grill, Plymouth, MI

We’ve been going to Plymouth more and more lately for a quick bite to eat. It’s really not that far from Ypsilanti and if you take the back roads, it’s also a nice scenic 20-25 minute drive. Last weekend we went to try out a new restaurant called Ironwood Grill.

The decor is a mix of sports bar and modern. It’s a bit dark inside, with multiple plasma televisions lining the walls. I found it a little odd that rather than use the ‘closed captioning’ option for the sports being shown, they actually had the volume turned up one one of the select games they were showing. It might not have been an issue, but they were also playing rock music in the background so it became a bit much.

The menu is a mix of mostly barbecue, pizza and burgers. I opted for a teriyaki chicken sandwich with their sweet potato fries and coleslaw (you get a choice between standard fries and sweet potato; and coleslaw and potato salad with each sandwich). I loved that they didn’t tack on an extra fee for the sweet potato fries as so many places do these days.

The sandwich was good. The chicken was a touch on the dry side, but I’ve had much worse. The sauce was sweet and tangy and the pineapple slice was fresh. The sweet potato fries were some of the best I’ve had. They were cut into wedges and were still filled with soft sweet potato goodness. Too bad they weren’t served with a horseradish sauce, they had ridges that would have held onto a sauce perfectly and ketchup just isn’t right with these. Still, they held their own when most are begging to be dipped. The coleslaw was so-so, nothing special. For dessert we shared the mixed berry mousse. It was nice and light after a filling meal. The berry flavor was really pronounced and delicious.
Service was fine overall. It took a while to get our drinks refilled, but our waitress was pleasant and otherwise efficient. I’ll have to give their barbecue a shot next time.