Nico & Vali, Plymouth, MI ā€“ Dinner

After having a both great lunch and breakfast experiences at Nico and Vali’s in Plymouth, I was excited to try dinner. The service was great as usual. For dinner we had a nice young man who was very familiar with the menu, enthusiastic and very attentive.
After looking over the specials I decided on the Chicken Marsala with roasted potatoes and sauteed zucchini for $8.95. I also added a half Caesar salad ($3.50). Apparently, the specials do not include a choice of soup or salad, but the traditional family plates do. The Caesar salad was nicely coated in dressing without going overboard. The romaine leaves were crisp and fresh and topped with croutons. I sampled a bit of my husband’s soup, la stracciatella, which had a chicken stock base with a touch of egg, small beads of pasta, chicken and vegetables. The slight egginess of the broth came through as a nice flavor. The soup could have used a touch more salt, but would make a great comfort food. I was rather disappointed with the Chicken Marsala. It arrived drenched in a rich, heavy cream based sauce. The sauce preparation I’m familiar with in this dish is much lighter and with ore emphasis on the wine with just a touch of cream. The very thin chicken cutlets were on the dry side as well. The roasted potatoes and zucchini were tasty, but needed more seasoning. My husband liked his gnocchi with meat sauce, but also felt it was under-seasoned.
I had originally planned on choosing from the “Family Traditions” section of the menu, but was enticed by the special; maybe that’s where I went wrong. Given the excellent lunch and breakfast food we had before this visit, we definitely plan on going back and assume that this was just an off night for the kitchen.I’ll have to try one of the everyday dishes next time.