MoonWinks Cafe, Ann Arbor, MI

There’s a great little coffee shop/cafe on Plymouth Rd. in Ann Arbor (technically the town of Dixboro) called MoonWinks Cafe. The decor is quaint and homey and the counter staff is friendly. Driving into the area of Dixboro, where the shop is located, is relaxing. It has a small town feel, even though you’re still in the Ann Arbor area. There’s a “general store” across the street that sells furniture and home goods.

The cafe serves Zingerman’s coffee and espresso drinks at a fraction of the cost of getting from the original source, which I love (and it’s much closer, too!). I always get my vice, a caramel latte, and they serve the best foam of any local coffee shop I’ve tried. In my opinion, the foam is the best part of the latte (if it’s done right), but many places leave it off altogether. The foam at MoonWinks is a rich and thick treat in addition to the coffee underneath. I also love that they serve it in a mug for those of us dining in, not a common practice anymore.

I’ve also stopped in for breakfast a few times and always loved their oatmeal with dried cherries because it tasted like slow-cooked oats. Unfortunately, they’ve taken that off the menu. I really hope they bring it back. My husband and I shared a fresh cinnamon roll last time and it was yummy. Unfortunately, it was so good we ate it before I had a chance to snap a photo! My husband always orders their breakfast burrito. Although he prefers the one at Beezy’s in Ypsilanti, he said this one is good, too.