Great Plains Buger Company,
Ann Arbor, MI

It’s nice to have choices in Ann Arbor when you want a quality, non-greasy burger and fries. Great Plains Burger Company on Plymouth Road knows how to keep it simple and get it right. I also love that they’re part of the restaurant trend to support local companies and farmers.
We stopped in this past weekend and I went for their somewhat-new-to-the-menu turkey burger with BBQ sauce, sauteed mushrooms and tomato. I also split their regular basket of fries and a strawberry shake with my husband. I had the beef burger the first time I came to Great Plains and it’s very good, but when I’m looking for something a little healthier I can’t say I’ve had better turkey burger meat at a restaurant than here. It’s nicely seasoned and very moist. The only small downside for me… and please don’t kill me Ann Arborites… is the Zingerman’s bun. I’m a fan of Zingerman’s, don’t get me wrong, I just don’t think the texture of this particular bun works for a burger. The outside crust is a bit chewy and isn’t soft enough for me. It seems like a nice grilled Kaiser roll would do the trick.
I’m happy to say that the fries at Great Plains have really improved since the first time I stopped in. On my initial visit the fries weren’t quite cooked all the way through, but I knew they had strong potential once the “first month kinks” were worked out. On the last two visits the fries have been stellar! Hand-cut and fried when you order they are consistently salted with just the right amount. I strongly argue that they are now better than Bagger Dave’s fries (coming from me that’s saying a lot!).
The homemade shakes at Great Plains are also fabulous. I’ve had the vanilla and strawberry versions, both are highly addictive! They’re thick and creamy. You can really taste the quality of the local Guernsey ice cream they use.
Make a trip to the north side of Ann Arbor next time you’re in the mood for a burger!