Pizza Perfect, Ypsilanti, MI

Writing about pizza on a food blog may seem a little low-brow, but this is very well deserved. Pizza Perfect in Ypsilanti on S. Ford Blvd. is fantastic. They don’t sell gourmet pizza, but they serve excellent quality food and consistently give outstanding service. I have a standard order of ham and pineapple with butter cheese crust and mozzarella bread. The service is always friendly and efficient, the estimated pick up time is always accurate and the food is always perfectly cooked and just as it was ordered.
I grew up in Farmington Hills near the Papa Ramono’s chain; I consider Pizza Perfect to be the Papa Ramano’s of Ypsilanti. The crust is crisp on the outside, soft and chewy inside and you can really taste the flavor. The cheese is gooey and the toppings are plentiful. The portion sizes of the pizza and bread for the price are generous. For a large 2-topping pizza, a large order of mozzarella bread with ranch and marinara, and a 2-liter of pop it will run you a little over $13 for carryout.
The staff is always friendly when you arrive for your order. The food is always ready to go and they always thank you for your business and hold the door for you on the way out. It’s rare these days to find a business that really shows how much they value their customers, but Pizza Perfect is an exception. Maybe it’s because they’re in a less desirable part of town and want to make sure their customers come back, but I think it really comes down to their love of the business and genuine love of people.
Pizza Perfect may be a bit off the normal route, but I highly recommend trying it. It’s a rare combination to get both quality food and service when ordering pizza on a Friday night.
Pizza Perfect
332 South Ford Blvd., Ypsilanti
(734) 485-8800